FAQ: Learn Python: Syntax - Variables

This community-built FAQ covers the “Variables” exercise from the lesson “Learn Python: Syntax”.

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FAQs on the exercise Variables

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2 posts were split to a new topic: Can print be used on more than just strings?

2 posts were split to a new topic: Why change a variable rather than just create a new one?

In practice exercise of variables , outputs are somewhat like
A muffin

But i want to get the output like
Breakfast: A muffin (in same line and using variable syntax).Please help me out

I am totally new in programming field.

I am getting error while running this code. What’s the issue?

line1 = “I love you”
line2 = “I miss you”

I tried mixing variable and line break.

Keep in mind that \n is an escape character and must go between quotes, think of it as a word. You can try something like:

print(line1 + "\n" + line2)
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