FAQ: Learn Python: Syntax - Print

This community-built FAQ covers the “Print” exercise from the lesson “Learn Python: Syntax”.

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Why do we need to put up the input message in brackets?
what is the reason behind using () in the print statement?

That’s part of the syntax for the standard way to call a function:


You’ll come across this with a bit more information as you progress through the lessons.

what if you need to show possession inside the string, for example, if i wanted to say, “This is Fred’s ball” how would i not incur a syntax error for the 's

In most cases you can use the escape character \ to include characters which would otherwise have a special meaning in string literals. For quotes you could rely on internal characters that are different from the outer quotes used to mark the string but be careful about overcomplicating the code since it can become very hard to read and understand:

print("Where's my porridge?")
print("'This porridge is too hot!', said the hairy bear.")
# triple quotes allow other options but can potentially introduce even more complexity.
print('''"Inconceivable!", exclaimed the museli, "I'll not tolerate such slander from a hairy bear."''')
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