FAQ: Learn Python – Strings & Console Output – String Formatting with %, Part 2

This community-built FAQ covers the “String Formatting with %, Part 2” exercise in Codecademy’s lessons on Python.

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print "Ah, so your name is ___, your quest is ___, "
“and your favorite color is ___.” ___ (name, quest, color)
please explain this piece of code

We want to print a string, in this string we want to use variables.

when running the script. I’m assuming the raw_input() function, is the one that require you to answer the question first before going to the next question?

is that right?

yes, raw_input prompts you for input, which you need to fill in, before the code continues to the next line

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Great! Thank you for the response!

Is the print string not suppose to show what is entered in the raw input field? I was getting the same issue even during the solution.

raw_input prompts you for input while the program is running, if you don’t enter something, the output will be blank (as you can see)

what is your name (and the other two) are only there to help the user using your program (you in this case) to determine what they should input

In the line 5, I cannot understand the use of “” in the print statement …
can anybody please expalin???

In line 5 why are we using back slash () and not plus(+) ???
On replacing it with plus it says syntax error…

the backslash allows you to put the code over multiple lines

What is wrong with the code that is making it run the 2nd and 3rd prompt at the same time? This is perhaps an error in the original code provided.

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I am also experiencing this behavior. Could we please escalate this issue?

So I replaced all the “____” with %s as intended but when I click run it times out after asking for name. Seems like maybe a problem on CA’s side? I can’t find a syntactical issue and plus, it appears to be having the issue when taking the raw input which I did not change. I’m on windows and using chrome.

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Yeah, Codecademy is having a lot of trouble with this right now :smiley: Everyone is reporting this happening. I suggest submitting a bug report.

ah ok. Where do I go to do that?