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This community-built FAQ covers the “Pop Quiz!” exercise in Codecademy’s lessons on Python.

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My code is not working well: here it is:

if len(original) > 0 and original.isalpha:
      print "original"
      print "emptyl"
Here is my output when I enter a word:

Welcome to the Pig Latin Translator!
Enter a word: 5rot2

I entered a word with strings and numbers (5rot2) and it printed both the if conditional statement and the else! Can anyone please show me what is wrong with the code? 
I will appreciate some enlightenment, please and thanks in advance.
  1. It won’t work at all if else is actually indented like that
  2. You need to include parentheses following isalpha like this: original.isalpha()

Without the parentheses, original.isalpha returns the method isalpha, but does not run it.

original = 'abc'




<built-in method isalpha of str object at 0x006A02C0>

As a predicate to if, original.isalpha (no parentheses) will always return True!

Thanks for your help, Patrick and I can now see my error.