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This community-built FAQ covers the “While Loops” exercise from the lesson “Learn Python: Loops”.

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Personally, i want to say, it’s not the first poorly written and broken exercise in this course.
It takes a 1,5 hour from me to understand how and why it works this way.

Below is step-by-step description:
while len(students_in_poetry) < 6:
#пока длина (len) студентов_в_поэзии меньше 6:
student = all_students.pop()
#создаем и приравниваем переменную студент к функции все_студенты
#если это не сделать, на следующем шаге функция не определится
#здесь добавляем созданную переменную в функцию

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You are adding students to a Poetry class, the size of which is capped at 6.

while len(students_in_poetry) < 6:
student = all_students.pop()


There might be something I’m not seeing here, but if the class is capped at 6, why isn’t len(students_in_poetry)<=6? I tried it this way and it added a 7th student. I thought len(students_in_poetry)<6 would print 5 elements/students.

We go with less than since when there are 5 elements, the code is allowed to run once more. When we allow =6, then the code runs one more time after that, hence it reaches 7.

Understood. Thank you.

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Title: Alternative Code (Need Debug Help)
So I decided to write this code not as a while loop just to see if I could. I came up with this:

all_students = ["Alex", "Briana", "Cheri", "Daniele", "Dora", "Minerva", "Alexa", "Obie", "Arius", "Loki"]
students_in_poetry = []

scount = 0

for student in all_students:
    if scount < 6:
        scount += 1

print (students_in_poetry)
print (all_students)
print (scount)

It seems to work just fine up until it scount reaches 5. Then for some reason, it stops increasing and the code just stops.
I’m aware that there are more efficient ways of tackling this problem but I’d like to know what causes this code to stop working at 5?

Removing from the list you are looping isn’t a good idea, its waiting for things to go wrong

the most likely cause is that your loop is done, it has looped over the list (due to all the removed items)