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This community-built FAQ covers the “Infinite Loops” exercise from the lesson “Learn Python: Loops”.

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I’m a little confused about this exercise. When I put this code in:
for students in students_period_A:
I get this output:
My question is why is list B (student_period_B) not also showing if I am adding student_period_A to student_period_B?
My second question is why doesn’t the code work if I have student_period_A.append(student_period_B)?
Thanks in advance


for students in students_period_A:

The temporary variable students is created and it stores the contents of list A that are selected.
If you print the students variable you will print the contents of list A that are selected.

As for your second question will have to see the code. It should work so it could just be a spelling mistake or a syntax error.

# I want to make it clear I will be using very little python verbage to explain this in plain english.

students_period_A = ["Alex", "Briana", "Cheri", "Daniele"]
students_period_B = ["Dora", "Minerva", "Alexa", "Obie"]

for student in students_period_A:
  # student is the temporary variable.  This is what we are going to call in each list.
  # You want to put A into B.  So "A" is going to be the focus for the statement.
  # So now, each students_period_A is now counted as "students".  So you want to........ 
  # If you print it you should see only four people, as it is only wanting to print the students, not the variable

for student in students_period_A: