FAQ: Learn Python: Function Arguments - Using Both Keyword and Positional Unpacking

This community-built FAQ covers the “Using Both Keyword and Positional Unpacking” exercise from the lesson “Learn Python: Function Arguments”.

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2 posts were split to a new topic: Why does the example use an unpacked keyword parameter before a named one?

2 posts were split to a new topic: How does the function turn **kwargs from variables into strings?

My code works exactly as it is supposed to, print to the console shows appropriate string but CC is not letting me go further, what’s going on?

def remove(filename, *args, **kwargs):
  with open(filename) as file_obj:
    text = file_obj.read()
    for arg in args:
       text = text.replace(arg, '******')            
    for kwarg, replacement in kwargs.items():
       text = text.replace(kwarg, replacement)
    return text  

print(remove("text.txt", "generous", "gallant", fond="amused by", Robin="Mr. Robin"))


What specifically do you mean? Have you passed all three instructions, but the next button remains inactive? Have you passed less than three of the instructions?

I passed first one, second stays red even though in console everything points to the fact that my function indeed worked.

If you open the _test.py file, you can see the problem. The only test is whether your ‘transformed’ text referred to as given is exactly the same as the expected text referred to as answer. If you re-read the last part of instruction one, I think you’ll find the difference.

The hint for the first checkmark on part 12 is very misleading.

text.replace(arg, "") #does nothing
text = text.replace(arg, "") #works

Was scratching my head for 20 minutes trying to figure out what was wrong.


I had the exact same problem. I know the hints don’t always tell you exactly what to do, but in this case it really left me confused.


10 months passed… The confusing hint is still there