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This community-built FAQ covers the “Writing a File” exercise from the lesson “Learn Python: Files”.

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Write, Read, Tell and Seek

with open("bad_bands.txt", 'r+') as bad_bands_doc:
  bad_bands_doc.write("Captain Beefheart")
  myRead = bad_bands_doc.read()

with open('bad_bands.txt', 'w') as bad_bands_doc:
  bad_bands = bad_bands_doc.write("FT Islands")


This outputs 10 somehow.
I was expecting to see FT Islands.
Why is this returning 10(seems like that is the length of the string FT Islands)?

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I wrote the following code which was deemed as correct. But when I tried to test it with a print() statement, I got a weird answer, Can anyone advise why “Beatles” did not get printed please?

You print the file object, not the content of the file.

A lot is happening when it comes to reading and writing from files. The print gives us some information about the module (io) and the class (TextIOwrapper).

IO stands for Input and Output.

You could read from the file, and print that. Certainly possible.

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Thanks for the answer. I tried doing that too- pls see attached the response I got- why I am not able to read the file?

you made on line 4, you misspelled band.

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Thanks, it worked!! But I still don’t completely understand why it didn’t print earlier when I used the ‘write’ function…will continue to work on that