FAQ: Learn Python - Conditionals & Control Flow - Not

This community-built FAQ covers the “Not” exercise in Codecademy’s lessons on Python.

FAQs for the Codecademy Python exercise Not:

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Please can you tell me why bool three is TRUE ??

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I am also confused by boolean 3:
If 10/3 <= 10/2 (which it is!) then that is True, so the not would make the answer “False”, I have clearly misunderstood some fundamental early on, I think!


Boolean 3 evaluates the comparison of the remainders of two divisions, not the quotient. Thus, the remainder of 10/3 (which is 1) is > the remainder of 10/2 (which is 0). Hence, the expression evaluates to False, and not 1 <= 0 is True.


Please explain me boolean 5
not not False

Bool_four seems like it should resolve to “False” but the checker requires you to put “True” to complete the lesson.

Perhaps I am misunderstanding the question but:

not 3 ** 2 + 4 ** 2 != 5 ** 2
not 6 + 8 != 10
not 14 != 10
not True

Any insight why this would not be the case? Thanks!


If you simplify the equation, not “not false”, “not false” becomes true. So now it reads “not true” which we know is now False. So boolean 5 = False. The nots essentially cancel each other out.

Either #5 is wrong, or the rest are wrong

Not false = true
not (not false) = false (not (true) = false)

therefore the answer should be not True aka (False)

Your problem is that ** (two asterisks rather than one) does not mean multiplication, it means raise the number to a higher power. 3 ** 2 is three squared, for example. Bearing that in mind, the process for solving the problem you posted should be fixed to this:
not 3 ** 2 + 4 ** 2 != 5**2
not 9 + 16 != 25
not 25 != 25
not False

I hope this helps!

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