FAQ: Learn Python - Battleship - To Your Battle Stations!



This community-built FAQ covers the “To Your Battle Stations!” exercise in Codecademy’s lessons on Python.

FAQs for the Codecademy Python exercise To Your Battle Stations!:

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How to handle invalid input?
I accidentally hit Return without entering a number, which gave me the idea to check if player input for Battleship was a valid number.
But it seems I can’t check if the input was a number:
raw_input will always be a string first.
But as soon as I call int() on something that is not a number-string, I get an “invalid literal for int()” error.
I want to ask “Is the input an integer?” without running into that error.

I would be interested to learn how I can do this check!
Thanks a lot.


How could I modify my code to stop printing the board again in case of “Game Over”, just like it doesn’t print it again in case of a win?


I completed the battleship section, but when I put it into a python2 ide on my phone to show a friend, it showed an error about ascii or something. Why does it not work in the ide? please help, thanks for listening.


Please share your code and the error, otherwise its near impossible to tell