FAQ: Learn Python - Battleship - To Your Battle Stations!



This community-built FAQ covers the “To Your Battle Stations!” exercise in Codecademy’s lessons on Python.

FAQs for the Codecademy Python exercise To Your Battle Stations!:

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How to handle invalid input?
I accidentally hit Return without entering a number, which gave me the idea to check if player input for Battleship was a valid number.
But it seems I can’t check if the input was a number:
raw_input will always be a string first.
But as soon as I call int() on something that is not a number-string, I get an “invalid literal for int()” error.
I want to ask “Is the input an integer?” without running into that error.

I would be interested to learn how I can do this check!
Thanks a lot.


How could I modify my code to stop printing the board again in case of “Game Over”, just like it doesn’t print it again in case of a win?