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again, your interpreter is too simple.
the solution “total = total + prices[food] * stock[food]” is the same as

total += prices[ x ] * stock[ x ] <-- i have to place a space before and after the “x” otherwise it becomes a check mark!

but the interpreter rejects it with an error!

Why does this work:

total = total + prices[fruit] * stock[fruit]
print total
#the sum of prices multiplied by the stock and returns 117.0

but this does not work and returns 0

total2 = prices[fruit] * stock[fruit]
Print total + total2
#new variable total2 should equal 117.0
#new variable total2 + total should equal 117.0

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Why doesn’t my code work?
Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 1.32.44 PM

Your code doesn’t work because food is not a key. You should have switch the ‘food’ with key because its the key of the price and stock.
then after that you print the variable