FAQ: Learn Python: A Day at the Supermarket - Lists + Functions


This community-built FAQ covers the “Lists + Functions” exercise in Codecademy’s lessons on Python.

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Hi. It kept telling me there was an unexpected indent at “return count” but if I backspaced it “return count” would be outside the function. I was pretty sure I was doing it correctly and sure enough I copied the code pressed solution pasted my code under it and they are exactly the same. Now I don’t know if something is wrong with my code or just codeacademy. I had similar issues in past lessons(can’t rememebr which) where it told me there was an indentation error when there was in fact no indentation error. I remembered to indent where I needed. I copied and pasted the code and sure no eugh my code was the same.


I have a similar problem, although mine is for the “for” line. I also checked my work against the solution (including indentation!) and it should be correct. Buggy tutorial?

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# Write your function below!
def fizz_count(x):
	count = 0
	for item in count:
 		 if item == 'fizz':
  	 		count = count + 1
 		 return count

fizz = ['fizz','cat','fizz']
total = fizz_count(fizz)
print total

I keep getting

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "python", line 10, in <module>
  File "python", line 4, in fizz_count
TypeError: 'int' object is not iterable

I can’t figure out what i’ve got wrong for this

You have not defined total

Had the same so I used a text editor to check the indents.

Hey, the exercise itself is going to input the ‘[“fizz”,“cat”,“fizz”]’ inside of your “x”.
Also, you have a mistake in your for loop. Check the code below to see if you can identify your mistake.

def fizz_count(x):
	count = 0  
	for n in x:
 		 if n == 'fizz':
  	 		count = count + 1
 	return count

My code works for this exercise (ran it on my own computer with a local terminal), but I’m not getting the result display… this is my code:

def fizz_count(x):
  count = 0
  for item in x:
    if(item == "fizz"):
      count += 1
  return count

fizz_count(["hello", "my", "name", "fizz", "is", "fizz"])

The lesson has been marked as correct, but this is the result I’m getting:

I’m on a chrome web browser, and I’ve tried reloading/restarting the browser… is this happening to anyone else?

Why can’t I use this function (fizz_count) to count the instances of “fizz” inside a string?
My code is:
and it gives 0 as an output

looping over a string gives one character a time, simple to demonstrate with a simple print statement:

for item in x:
   print item

a single letter will never equal multiple letters/a whole word.

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