FAQ: Learn Phaser: Basics - Input

Still gives the error that “gameState.rect2.setInteractive();” is incorrect if you don’t include the “gameState.switchedOn = ‘rect1’;”
I have also run into several glitches with this course where my code is identical to the solution, but it only passes if I “Replace with Solution,” and I’m not even through the Basics section. Yikes!

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Here’s another one, in Basics exercise 11 - Sounds.
Even after directly copying/pasting the solution code, it still throws the error: “Is gameState.incredible defined?”

The only way to pass is to use the “Replace with Solution” button.

I’m 'bout to give up and use a different platform to learn Phaser.

An issue still exists with the Inputs exercise, specifically with the first task:

“Let’s start making this switch work! In create(), add a line setting gameState.rect2 as interactive.”

Regardless of what you provide (or don’t) it fails, questioning if gameState.rect2 exists.

Already reported it as a bug, but wanted to share in case anyone else hit the same wall. Used codemazt0r’s tip of “Replace with solution” to move on as this issue was blocking my progress with the lessons.