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This is really frustrating, Can someone explain why this code errors? I use the exact same command to print out the year as I did the name and it still errors although it prints the year and name? Is it because name has ‘String’ in it?

public class Creator {
	public static void main(String[] args) {
    String name = "James Gosling";
    int yearCreated = 1995;
    System.out.println (name);
    System.out.println (yearCreated);

The issue here is how the Submission Correctness Test for this lesson checks your code. The SCT is using pattern matching to see if your code matches what is expected. The SCT is not expecting a space between println and the parenthesis:

System.out.println (name);

Even though your code executes without error, and produces the desired output, it fails the test.


Thank you for the reply.



Why cannot I use the print command like this?

System.out.println(name, year)

I.e. to print two variables with one command. Is there a command that would allow it?

As far as I know Java doesn’t support multi-value returns or print. On a print you can put as many values as you want in many ways into one print.

Welcome to the forums!

As @psmilliorn mentioned, Java doesn’t support printing or returning multiple variables. However, there are a few workarounds.



  • If the variables are of the same data type, you could return an array.
  • If the variables are not of the same data type, you could return an array of the Object class.
  • and much more…