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This community-built FAQ covers the “Multiplication and Division” exercise from the lesson “Learn Java: Manipulating Variables”.

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This lesson assumes everyone knows how to calculate percentages. I didn’t know how to do this without looking it up. For this exercise, what is meant by ‘tax’ is the tax rate percentage (.0875), NOT the actual total amount of tax someone is paying. Thus, the total amount of tax being paid needs to be calculated ex. subtotal*tax

The lesson also doesn’t teach if there are any rules regarding calculating multiple numbers together at once so I just had to guess that they could all be calculated together.

Solution for instruction 1. : double total = subtotal + subtotal*tax;
System.out.println (total);


The lesson doesn’t teach that you can do multiple operations at once; or even that you can use parantheses to override order of operations if needed, which is what you should do in this case (not needed, but definitely would make more sense). Change the question, maybe make it subtotal + tip instead of tax

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Thank you for you comment. I’m in the same boat when it comes to calculating percentages and your comment really clarified the assignment. They did a poor job with this one.

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The lesson states “product of” which is multiplying. Gotta remember that next time!


Very sloppy work on this page. Alot of assumptions and not at all clear.

I hope someone sees this comment and revises this exercise.

public class MultAndDivide {

public static void main(String args) {

double subtotal = 30;

double tax = 0.0875;

double total = subtotal + subtotal*tax;


double perPerson = total/4;




Here’s another way to calculate total w/ tax (same result, of course):

subtotal * ( 1 + tax )