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// import the ArrayList package here:
import java.util.ArrayList;

class ToDos {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    // Create toDoList below:
    ArrayList<String> toDoList = new ArrayList<String>();

My solution for step 2/9
very straightforward, the hint for question 1 will give you the answer and the explanation before the questions shows you how to declare and initialize array lists on separate lines and it will give you a template on how to do both in one line of code.


The examples are in the lesson helps big time but also those leads me to the below rhetorical questions…

The lesson asks us to import certain things and to create a new arraylist. Now, there is one or two things to highlight when we do the latter. I was looking at the examples and I found this:

// Declaring:
ArrayList ages;
// Initializing:
ages = new ArrayList();

// Declaring and initializing in one line:
ArrayList babyNames = new ArrayList();

The above two lines seems to do the same things although in different ways I guess. Doing it in one line or two separate one should not matter? right? Maybe not Cuz I tried both and the top one is not working.
Another thing, so to quote the lesson:


Create a new ArrayList that will contain String elements and call it toDoList .

Maybe again it’s just me but I took it word by word so I created a new one. I don’t have to say that didnt work without initializing it as well…

So we can’t just create one but we have to initialize it too and we can only do it in one line? Otherwise it would have been a very straight forward lesson… :smiley: