FAQ: Learn HTML - Tables - Styling with CSS

Hi, I want to know what happens if I change value of below property in css.
height: 40%;
left: 10%;
Even after I try to change number several times , there was no obvious change I can see.

The instructions for the font size states “CHANGE the font-size to 18 px” and can be confusing because there is no font-size line to change. We have to add the line font-size = 18px. Thus, the instruction would be better stated by saying ADD the font-size = 18px.

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I was stuck for 20 minutes and realized I added : instead of ; at the end of 18px… Hope this helps someone lol

Have absolutely NO IDEA what to do here. The instructions are so vague and unhelpful. Here is what it wants me to do but the text above and the sample code does NOT explain ANYTHING!

“We’ve included a .css file containing instructions for styling the HTML content in the index.html file.
In style.css , set the font-size of all table headings ( th ) and table data ( td ) to 18 pixels ( 18px ).”

I give up with this coding BS. It’s gotten a lot harder and more vague and the instructions are only for those people who are seasoned coders who KNOW what they are doing. Whoever created these lessons needs to either make these lessons simpler to understand. This is ridiculous! How do they even expect us to do these things? It’s too hard!

Hey man, reach out to me if you need assistance. Sometimes it is the littlest thing that can throw you off. They seem very vague but once you work through and troubleshoot you will kick yourself for not seeing the solution from the beginning.

Appreciate it, but I didn’t understand the assignment. I came to the forums here and found out others were having the same issue where there wasn’t enough information. I’m sorry, but this course is just too hard. I was contemplating purchasing the course but now I have decided against it because it is not geared towards beginners but experts to coding.

Ain’t nothing man. I find that troubleshooting through these issues and interpreting the course material is all a part of the journey in learning how to code.

I agree with you , I don’t see the difference