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This community-built FAQ covers the “The tag” exercise from the lesson “Learn HTML: Script”.

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why doesn’t this code work like it should? The Codeacademy logo appears to be like words on a page so when i scroll over it I have the ability to highlight. I click on it and it isn’t very fast in response. It appears to be flashing the flower.png instead of appearing upon a click.


The first time you click there will be a delay while the image is downloaded. After that it is instant.

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I haven’t seen any instant reactions. is this due to my browser compatibility or wifi connection?

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I’m getting instant responses when clicking directly on the word. There may be some latency on the first click, but after that the image is cached in your browser and should pop right up, or right out.

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Where that “normal” in - if (image.src.match(“normal”)) { - comes from? Does “normal” refer to “normal.png”? Sounds to me like juggling with words - if normal–>flowers, else—> normal.

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.match() just checks if “normal” is present in the current image src attribute.
If not present it returns null.

So everytime onclick ,

   if  "normal" is present in current img src attribute,
          image will be changed to   flower.png
          image  will be changed to normal.png.

In other words,
everytime onlcick image src attribute is changed either from flower.png to normal.png or vice versa.

Hope this helps.

For more clarification refer https://stackoverflow.com/questions/25022660/explain-image-src-match-in-javascript