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This community-built FAQ covers the “Async attribute” exercise from the lesson “Learn HTML: Script”.

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In JavaScript Interactive Websites attribute async, I am not seeing the effect of the async attribute, I added to the turnBlue.js . the codeacademy logo is still pink. can someone explain why

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I guess according to the explain, the Codeacademy logo is supposed to be yellow but it starts with pink.
@oreva20 I saw the logo in blue once after hit the run many times

yes, I did see the logo in blue once.

I think that the CSS file is loading AFTER the scripts are run. I think that is why we are seeing pink.

In this exercise, THE SCRIPT ELEMENT: Async attribute, I see that the file style.css comes first than the file turnBlue.js inside the HTML document. If, as it was said before, the HTML parser, analyzes the document sequentially, why does .css prevail over .js?

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A CSS document will probably be lighter than a JS script so rather have your site looking as it should before rolling out animations and whatever else maybe in your js file.

So js will take longer to load which would delay your whole site, if the HTML & CSS is loaded first then there is no unnecessary delays.

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I would think that defer works even better because what if the script is downloaded so quickly that before HTML parsing the actual

, it’s been executed before HTML parser start rendering CSS file.
Then in this case the final rendered result is derterminated by CSS.

@zainabrawat, I think rui_melim, by saying

He may be referring to the fact that, as long as we don’t add async, the logo never turns blue. At least that’s how it behaves for me. I tried running the code before adding async and the logog remained pink, as if the .js script was never executed - or it was, but the CSS styling somehow got the upper hand? Also when I remove the async attribute and run the code again, the logo turns back from blue to pink.