FAQ: Learn HTML - Intro to HTML - The Body

This community-built FAQ covers the The Body exercise in Codecademy’s lessons on HTML.

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What is the difference between the element <p>instruction</p> and the body <body>information</p> in terms of purpose or use?

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Note that the endtag needs to match the opentag. BODY is unique; that is there can be only one body element, the container of all the content we will see on the webpage. P is a paragraph element which may occur multiple times in the BODY or any other container element.

<!-- metadata in here -->
<!-- All content in here -->

What is the difference between:

<body>Goood Mornin, Vietnam!!!</body>
<p>"Life is very short and what we have to do must be done in the now." - Audre Lorde</p>


<body><p>Goood Mornin, Vietnam!!!</p><p>"Life is very short and what we have to do must be done in the now." - Audre Lorde</p></body>

I don’t understand if one is coded wrong or if the <p> and </p> need to be between the <body> </body> each time

Every relating to content must be contained in the BODY element. P outside of BODY is invalid and malformed.

There is only one BODY element in a document.


All content in here


can i type whatever i want inside < > as oppening and ending tags
or there are specific ones such as body and p

… that are recognized by browsers so that default styles exist.

HTML is a living language. The meaning of that can be elusive. It actually does mean that anything can be written between the carats and be a valid tag. It goes right back to XML where we’re not marking up content, but data. If we determine that a <species> element is useful for describing data there is nothing stopping us in HTML specs. We can simply create that element. We might have to tell the DOM that, but that is another story. You are not that far off in your thinking.

Bottom line, elements that are already written into the specs are the ones to use. Some have both OPENTAG and ENDTAG, and others have only VOIDTAG that have no content, such as IMG or INPUT. While we are free to create new tags, it is not something we need to engage in at this point.

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