FAQ: Learn HTML - Intro to HTML - Headings

I’m on it right now. Thanks I will send you the link.

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Heyyy that worked thanks a bunch I’ll be sure to remember that next time I encounter an issue instead of panicking. Like duh!? Lol

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Amazing! I’m glad it worked!

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i cant seem to get passed this exercise !!! :slightly_frowning_face:

Hey @board1023928696!

What kind of trouble are you having?

Why are there no other size heading elements within HTML?
For example: h7, or even bigger: h0.5

PS. I tried to write the heading elements with the correct syntax but the comment window actually took it for real HTML code!

Hello, @booga.

The <h1> through <h6> tags are to be used as headings. You can use other methods to make your own headings as big or small as you like. For example:
<h1>This is a heading</h1>
<p style="font-weight: bold; font-size: 50px>This looks like a heading only bigger</p>

This is a heading

Note: The above is a screen shot. Inline styling apparently isn't rendered by the Markdown used in the forums
There are many ways to manipulate text to look the way you want it to. The built-in headings are for quick use when the default style is all you need. You can also change the default style of the heading tags to suit your needs using CSS.

Please review this topic to see how to include code in a post: How do I format code in my posts?

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I notice that when I use h7 tag, for example, the text font defaults to a nonbold font of a certain size. Would that be different font depending on the developer I’m using?

h7 is not a defined HTMLElement so has no default style rules beyond those given to raw text in the User Agent Style Sheet. Typically that will be Times New Roman 16px black.

Required reading…

The Story of the HTML5 Shiv

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I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong here.

  <h1>The Brown Bear</h1>
  <h2>About Brown Bears</h2>
  <h3>Countries with Large Brown Bear Populations</h3>
  <h3>Countries with Small Brown Bear Polulations</h3>


Its stuck on the last step and from looking at the solution it should be fine?

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After i hit the run button my screen on the right says “server IP address could not be found.” and nothing is loading

Same Thing Happened for me. Any ideas on what’s wrong? :thinking: :thinking:

I am having the same issue right now. The following error code displays every time I hit run. "7bc0e976ba4d47e9901b69721baaab12.cc-propeller.cloud ’s server IP address could not be found. "

I have replicated this error in Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Where you able to figure this out?

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The web freezes when I press go.

<h3>Countries with Small Brown Bear Populations</h3>

Hey guys, you all want to make sure you are spelling it correctly as the compiler tests your code and checks if what you put is what was asked inside the elements. I know it can be frustrating and that we are not perfect as we are humans and we are prone to making mistakes in one way or another, but all we can do is do our best.

In this exercise, we are instructed to put h2 after h3 and it’s used without nesting. However, in <h1>–<h6>: The HTML Section Heading elements - HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN I’m seeing that it’s important to either use heading numbers in order or use nesting so people using screen readers can understand hierarchy.
Is this not taken into consideration in the exercise or it isn’t actually that important to use nesting?

Nesting is important to building a document outline. The headings are not nested, the content is, and according to the level of nesting, an appropriate heading level is applied. Sections at the same level of nesting will have the same heading level.

It’s probably a bug.