FAQ: Learn HTML – Intro to HTML – Displaying Text

go back and check for any spelling mistake as it is sensitive to spelling mistake and correct them it should work. also remember to always start with

and close it with a

and always double check your work and read what is required for the task .

best of luck

So when using span tags, do you target only words or are phrases and sentences included?

so, in the “style text” exercise do i have to close the paragraph? i used

and didn’t close with

but it worked fine.

actually, its in the diaplaying text exercise.

In terms of “hierarchy” or structure, can we say that the <span>element is a child of the <p>element and its grandfather is the <div> element?

When I have an <h> element, and I write a <p> element after that to put some text in it, does that mean the second is a child of the first?

You mean:


In that case yes, p is the child of h1
Indentation is useful for this reason as well.

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If you mean:

    <p><span>some text</span></p>

Then it is true, span is the child of the p element which is the child of the div element!
Indentation is helpful for this reason too!

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Thank you sir! I really appreciate your answer in this matter.

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Yes, that’s what I meant. Thanks a lot!

I am having a similar problem with paragraph written between

openning and closing tags.

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Could you post your code so we can better help you?

im still stuck here and im pretty sure the spelling is fine im a little lost on what to do i have it typed idk im super lost

{Update} there was just a the in there that shouldn’t have been XD that was a waste of time

Did you add the given text inside your <p></p> tag? Ошибка в 8 задании.

Здравствуйте. Вы решили проблему?

How come when you add a paragraph for example

“Today was a great day. I hope tomorrow will be as well.”

, the quotations show on the webpage. I’m not sure if there’s a way to not show the quotation marks on the actual webpage.