FAQ: Learn HTML - Intro to HTML - Attributes

This community-built FAQ covers the “Attributes” exercise in Codecademy’s lessons on HTML.

FAQs on the HTML exercise Attributes

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I am trying to do the exercise for Attributes. I need to see the correct code beccause I just can’t figure it out. Can you help?

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you can get the code? I am personally not a fan of this feature, but after submitting faulty code enough times a button appears from which you can get the code. I usually do explanations.

that is the issue, you get the “get solution” button but your code does not change and you only see ticks that it has been completed.


I am not able to understand what is the use of the id and division tags

Do you need to use the id tag to close a division

id tag? You mean id attribute? This one:


if you mean id attribute, then the answer is: no

So, I understand the attributes feature to div tags. Is the only purpose of adding an attribute to div tags to differentiate divs from each other for styling them in CSS?

css does positioning as well, any decent website has a lot of div tags for a good layout

I am following the tutoring class but after I do the changes suggested and click on Run it take a long time to give results is spinning for minutes at every change is very upsetting, this definitely is not acceptable to a person learning anything I do not have the time and patience to do this.

les guillemets sont toujours rouge

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Hi all, sorry if this is on the wrong thread- I am new to coding and can’t figure out if I’ve done this in HTML Elements & Structure correctly or not… I have ticks on the left as you can see indicating it is correct but red dots in the centre alerting me to the fact the code is wrong…?
Any advice and how to fix this code is very welcome!

Hey there,

Indeed the red dots show you were there are issues with your code.

So there’s an issue around lines 11 and 12. Let’s try to figure out why, by comparing those with other lines that don’t raise any errors.

<div id="habitat"

Now let’s take a quick look at another <div> tag that doesn’t raise any errors.

<div id="intro">

You should be able to quickly spot where things went wrong.

Also, if you’re gonna have a div with an id of "habitat", you might want to consider any other tags that might be relevant to that particular div.

For example, I see an <h2> tag with Habitat as content. Would it make sense to have it enclosed between the opening and closing divs with an id of “habitat” ? Are there any others which we might also want in there? If in doubt, take another quick look at the div with an id of “intro”.

If ever in doubt, keep in mind that divs are there to separate your page into sections.

Let’s say we have a menu:

<h1>Our menu</h1>

<div id="pizza">
  <h2>Our Pizzas</h2>

<div id="pasta">
  <h2>Our Pasta</h2>
     <li>Fettuccine with Prosciutto</li>
     <li>Spaghetti alla Carbonara</li>
     <li>Genoese Pesto</li>

The different divs will separate our page into sections that serve different content, and which make sense to enclose together (for lack of better wording).

Hope this helps, and let me know if you have any questions!

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