FAQ: Learn HTML: Forms - Range Input

So I understand that we use <span> here, because we want to have an inline element without line breaks or anything like that. What I don’t understand is why there isn’t something similar to lable in behaviour. Maybe that comes later in the lecture.
I was just curious to see that we use a “generic” <span> for this. We could just have used a <span> to label the text and number fields earlier, but we used something better suited there: the <label>. Isn’t there an element that is clickable and for example brings the slider right over to that lable, or increases/decreases the slider by some increment?

I briefly remember hearing about this in a previous section, so i apologize. I just find it easier to understand the aforementioned concepts with having a now further understanding of HTML in general.

Anyways, in this lecture it had in the code

If i remember correctly, section is similar to

in the sense it sections off parts of code?

then also what is class=“cooked” used for in this example?

Thank you in advance!