FAQ: Learn HTML: Forms - How a Form Works

This community-built FAQ covers the “How a Form Works” exercise from the lesson “Learn HTML: Forms”.

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FAQs on the exercise How a Form Works

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3 posts were split to a new topic: What is a section element?

A post was merged into an existing topic: What are other types of methods?

4 posts were split to a new topic: What is the relationship of the h1 and p elements in regards to the form?

A post was merged into an existing topic: What is a section element?

A post was merged into an existing topic: What are other types of methods?

2 posts were split to a new topic: What are other types of methods?

I just am curious as to why it is necessary to use cant we just add the h1 and the p tags in the body ??

Shouldn’t adresses on to files on a same folder have the “.” before the “/”? Why that doesn’t happen on this exercise?

What exactly is form used for, why do we need it? I don’t understand why I need to use.

The use of the action attribute in form tag is to know at which document the data needs to be sent but the data need through the form needs to be sent to the server than why do we send data to the document?

<form action= "/practice.html" method="POST">

Where can you find practice.html? Is it stored in the same directory, filesystem, etc. as the present one (index.html


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So for the first step in this exercise, lesson 2/14, I worked on it for about 10 minutes. I typed exactly what was required but for some reason I was still failing the problem. I viewed to solution and my line of code was exactly the same as the solution so I don’t really know what the problem was.


Please help, how do I overcome this hurdle,

. Tried in Linux Ubuntu2004, Windows 10 and MAC, all the same issue.


Was wondering about the same thing…


Having the same issue.


Hi, I just “viewed the solution” and the issue hasn’t returned. lets see how far i get.


I was just having the same issue, got annoyed and I use this thing that writes the coding for you.
Mine was exact same way written, no mistake. I refreshed page several times, typed it several times and I was sure it was a bug that did not come from me, so the only thing to do was to use “Concept Review” where the code is automatically written for you. It did work so I can continue. But I was looking for info, to see if it is a general problem.

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Hello Everyone,

Is there something im doing incorrectly?

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I clicked on solve solution and it solved the whole thing. The way you have it is correct I believe it wants you to put the first and the second exercise before running.

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