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This community-built FAQ covers the “How a Form Works” exercise from the lesson “Learn HTML: Forms”.

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The lesson “Learn HTML: Forms - How a Form Works” seems to introduce the section element without any explanation. I searched for more information on the section element (and when we should use it) on Codecademy but only found the FAQ forum post “FAQ: Semantic HTML - Section Element” from October 2018 that seemed to indicate that the section element used to be described in the lesson “Semantic HTML.” However, I can no longer find this lesson.

I tried to look up the difference between the section element and the div element on this Stack Overflow post, but am still confused. Could Codecademy please bring back the “Semantic HTML” lesson or other lesson that covers the section element? I would like to know more about when to use the section element (and not) and have the section element described in plain English.

(Also, it makes me curious as to if lessons on HTML that were previously accessible have since been made inaccessible?)

Thank you.

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To learn about semantic HTML, I recommend this CodeCademy video:

Also I myself have written about it after quite a bit of trial and error to figure out how to properly use semantic HTML elements such as : https://medium.com/@masakudamatsu/semantic-html-as-graphic-design-without-graphics-ac98e9c2d756

Hope these help!

This is a good explanation on HTTP Requests “https://www.khanacademy.org/computing/computer-science/internet-intro/internet-works-intro/v/the-internet-http-and-html

I still making confusion on how the elements are related…
In this exercise … https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-html/lessons/html-forms/exercises/creating-form?action=resume_content_item
We had to add a h1 element under form and add p under h1 like this:
form action="/practice.html" method=“post”
p> Davie’s Food Menu</p
My question is… Is h1 and p siblings and child of form? or is p child of h1 and grandchild of form ???

Note the example above doesn’t have the right open and close tags because it modifies my text :upside_down_face:

I still don’t understand how it works … Thanks

I believe from what you’ve described that <h1> and <p> are siblings, and are children of your <form> element. To format your code so that it will display properly in the forum, go to a blank line, click on the </> button in the menu bar above where you type. You will see this:

Paste your code in the space indicated, and we will see it with its original formatting and special characters preserved.


hello @midlindner … thanks for the tip … now I know how to use a piece of code to display between my text… Haha… got love learn this things! :smile:
Appreciate your help!

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in this section of course i’am seeing different tags like “meta,link,section” which are not even introduced before.How can i understand what those tags are doing???