FAQ: Learn HTML: Forms - Checkbox Input

This community-built FAQ covers the “Checkbox Input” exercise from the lesson “Learn HTML: Forms”.

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Checkbox Input ![Davie's Burgers Logo](upload://pQE6kIDJ3Sll5mK7lXvze65W7cH.svg)

Create a burger!

What type of protein would you like?
How many patties would you like?
How do you want your patty cooked
Rare Well-Done
    <section class="toppings">
      <span>What toppings would you like?</span>
      <input id="lettuce" name="topping" type="checkbox" value="lettuce">
				<label for="lettuce">Lettuce</label>
      <input id="tomato" name="topping" type="checkbox" value="tomato">
      <input id="tomato" type="checkbox" name="topping" value="tomato">
      <label for="tomato">Tomato</label>
      <input type="checkbox" name="topping" id="onion" value="onion">
      <label for="onion">Onion</label>

Mine didn’t fit inside the form. onion spilled outside the form.
I had a yellow sign in my code but still ran ok. I wonder why. Any help will be nice. Thanks.

Hello! I have a question about step 8/14 from this lesson. We are prompted to create a label and input pair for new topping options. My question is more of an extension and not necessarily directly related, but I am wondering if there is a way to alphabetize these inputs in a way that doesn’t require that I restructure the code. So, ie., let’s say I’ve created 50 label and input without thinking about alphabetization, could I write a simple ‘wrapper’ that would alphabetize them for me?

If it is a static page, then simply arrange the items in alphabetical order. If it is a dynamic page then feasibly, yes, a script could be written to capture all the items, re-order them, then re-insert in the DOM. It won’t be that simple, though.