FAQ: Learn HTML: Forms - Checkbox Input

This community-built FAQ covers the “Checkbox Input” exercise from the lesson “Learn HTML: Forms”.

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FAQs on the exercise Checkbox Input

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A bit unrelated but when I added a min and max to the amount of patties you can have the text displayed changed even though there was no actual text added. why is that?

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For this lable <label for="tomato">Tomato</label> if I use <input type="checkbox" id="lettuce" name="topping" value="lettuce"> than also I am getting correct output(i.e. checkbox above tomato !) . Why ? There is no difference whether I use id =“lettuce” or id=“tomato” in tomato label ?

That would totally mess with a screen reader since it would telling the user something entirely different than what one would be expecting. This does not require rocket science, and is easy to accept for the purpose it was intended.

In a form , while using multiple input tags having the same name attribute of type “checkbox”
input type=“checkbox”
when we select multiple checkboxes , how the information is stored and transferred from the form to the action attribute?
By information , I mean multiple values from the selected checkboxes (input tags).

The action attribute contains the URL of the form handler, typically a server-side script that parses the query string attached to the request. On the client side, form values are transformed into that query string on Submit. This is done internally by the browser.