FAQ: Learn HTML Elements - Intro to HTML - Headings


can i create multi bodies in one web page to separate different sections ?.. or should i make one body and divide into sections by



One body. You can use multiple sections, or divs, they’ll go in to that later.


BODY is a namespace to which a lot of moving parts are connected. We can however create another namespace inside this one using iframe. The content of that iframe is another HTML page (document). That document will also have a BODY. This is the only way a webpage can have more than one BODY.


okay but for what purpose would i do that ?


is it possible to use the (strong) tag along with (em )to get both features in one word ?


It would have to be a good one, such as the CC learning environment. A lesson page is made of two documents… The site page, and the iframe that contains the LE.


Hi the bug appears to occur with the period. If you notice the content- it doesn’t highlight the period at the end. So when you add the punctuation at the end- it spills over creating the error message.