FAQ: Learn HTML Elements - Common HTML Elements - Linking to Other Web Pages


This community-built FAQ covers the “Linking to Other Web Pages” exercise in Codecademy’s lessons on HTML.

The most popular questions on the exercise Linking to Other Web Pages:

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how does adding learn more to an anchor element make the whole thing a hyperlink. i thought it was supposed to be just the anchor element and the href attribute


the text between the anchor opening tag and anchor closing tag is the text a user on your website can click on, the moment a user does this, they will be redirected to the route specified at href.


Is it possible to create a link and not make it look blue?? It looks bad sometimes.


yea, we can use css to style anchor elements. That is perfectly possible


I’m always getting confused because it says this: " After the first paragraph, right above the heading that says Species , add a link that says: Learn More . Don’t add the URL just yet."

I don’t have a species heading anymore in my index.html thing


I am wondering the same thing. The code from the previous lesson isn’t in my browser anymore, so I don’t know how I can add this link above the species heading?


on section 2 number 6. you say

1.After the first paragraph, right above the heading that says Species , add a link that says: Learn More . Don’t add the URL just yet.

  1. Add the following URL to the link:Learn More

I wrote

<a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brown_bear">Learn More</a>

and it said it was incorrect, then when I asked for the solution it entered in the exact same thing, am I missing something, not sure where I went wrong, please help


It would be more accurate if you had copied and pasted what you were given.

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What’s the difference between “src” and “href”?


In the exercice, i don’t see the exemple :


hi, again
in the exercice, i don’t see the link we have to had :

to finish it, i used the amyjrankin’s link above.


hi everyone

I do not understand, I’m not in the right place!?


There’s a bug here.

number one is as follows : 1.

After the first paragraph, right above the heading that says Species , add a link that says: Learn More . Don’t add the URL just yet.

when you add the ahref tag with out the url it does not allow you to go to next. You instead have to add the link.

In other words if I write Learn more
or Learn more There is no prompt.

Please fix the instructions. There are many others like this as well.

Additionally, the proper way to write this is reads not says.

For example :

“add a link that says:” Should say " add a link that reads:" As we are reading this…


Thanks for blocking my example code… Is there a department working on fixing the written section of these tutorials? I’ve taken a few courses and I see this quite often. I’m actually doing this web design course as a quick refresher.


you have to add the link… This is one of their glitches… Save yourself the headache and realize now that there are much more glitches to come. They are quite notorious for these type of instructional phrasing issues or at least they should be…


Finally I used the solution to move forward.
thank you for your advice.


I had the same problem. Just after I realized the problem was at the end of the related link:

Wrong link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brown_bear```
Right link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brown_bear


take a look at your line #12 more carefully - the statesmen “Learn More”. the word More need to be written from the capital M