FAQ: Learn HTML - Common HTML Elements - Linking to Same Page

Noted … I hope the French user got help esp. since this is a primarily English speaking platform. Ah well I guess we’ll never know. But I could have sworn I saw someone ask what the hash meant and it wasn’t answered. Sometimes I just read through the forum questions on a exercise see what the collective mind is up to.

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thanks a lot mate! i was going insane haha

im having the same issue, got me really confused

Why does my unordered list have extra bullet points below them after I added the anchor tag?




(I added > but not sure why it isn’t showing but pls imagine having a bullet point on each of the following spaces)

Please format your code:

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Thank you!! I couldn’t continue the exercise otherwise :))

It is so easy to miss this - The capitalization of the anchor got me stuck for about an hour!!! I have learned my lesson to not capitalize the anchor tag or the corresponding id

Muito obrigado , aconteceu o mesmo comigo, eu não estava conseguindo passar, mesmo com o cod correto, agora deu certo!

Can anyone tell me why I keep getting an error message on this subject? My links mirror the example in the lesson but it just keeps asking me if I’ve implemented the href=“” link at the beginning of my text. As you can see from the screen shots below I have.

“Did you add an href of ‘#introduction’ to your ‘Introduction’ link?” (This is the error message that keeps popping up.)

I’ve noticed others are having the same problem from previous posts.

Cancel, I have managed to sort the problem. The #headings need to be lower case and the title text starts with a capital letter.

30 Dakika boyunca hatamı aradım ve sonra hatamın “Introduction” kelimesini “İntroduction” olarak yazdığımı fark ettim.(30 dk bir harfe harcandı)…

what does # character means at the id elements? what is its intended purpose for?

We refer to the pound sign (octothorpe) as a hash symbol when it is written into an URL. It is not written into an ID attribute, but refers to the element with said ID as a page fragment that can be hooked by a link in the page, or from a link in another page.

In the above example, there are three page fragments that can be jumped to from that navigation menu.

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