FAQ: Learn HTML - Common HTML Elements - Linking to Same Page

Noted … I hope the French user got help esp. since this is a primarily English speaking platform. Ah well I guess we’ll never know. But I could have sworn I saw someone ask what the hash meant and it wasn’t answered. Sometimes I just read through the forum questions on a exercise see what the collective mind is up to.

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thanks a lot mate! i was going insane haha

im having the same issue, got me really confused

Why does my unordered list have extra bullet points below them after I added the anchor tag?




(I added > but not sure why it isn’t showing but pls imagine having a bullet point on each of the following spaces)

Please format your code:

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Thank you!! I couldn’t continue the exercise otherwise :))

It is so easy to miss this - The capitalization of the anchor got me stuck for about an hour!!! I have learned my lesson to not capitalize the anchor tag or the corresponding id

Muito obrigado , aconteceu o mesmo comigo, eu não estava conseguindo passar, mesmo com o cod correto, agora deu certo!

Can anyone tell me why I keep getting an error message on this subject? My links mirror the example in the lesson but it just keeps asking me if I’ve implemented the href=“” link at the beginning of my text. As you can see from the screen shots below I have.

“Did you add an href of ‘#introduction’ to your ‘Introduction’ link?” (This is the error message that keeps popping up.)

I’ve noticed others are having the same problem from previous posts.

Cancel, I have managed to sort the problem. The #headings need to be lower case and the title text starts with a capital letter.

30 Dakika boyunca hatamı aradım ve sonra hatamın “Introduction” kelimesini “İntroduction” olarak yazdığımı fark ettim.(30 dk bir harfe harcandı)…

what does # character means at the id elements? what is its intended purpose for?

We refer to the pound sign (octothorpe) as a hash symbol when it is written into an URL. It is not written into an ID attribute, but refers to the element with said ID as a page fragment that can be hooked by a link in the page, or from a link in another page.

In the above example, there are three page fragments that can be jumped to from that navigation menu.

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the instructions never demonstrate what this does. it also doesn’t tell you to click on the links and see what it does. although that seems obvious and intuitive to do, all the past ones lead and guided those instruction.

I’M FRUSTRATED!!! why do some items need capital letters whilst others don’t? Like in:

  • Introduction
  • Wrap the text of each list item in the unordered list in an anchor element. Each anchor tag should link to the corresponding <div> on the page (The <a> element that contains the text “Introduction” links to #introduction ).

    Instructions are confusing especially when the error says to only wrap the “text” in an

  • tag when what it really wants is for you to wrap the entire item in an anchor tag.

  • Where do we find the ‘text of each list item’?

    <li>section one</li>
    <li>section two</li>
    <li>section three</li>

    In the ‘text node’, is where. Where is the text node of an HTML element?