FAQ: Learn HTML - Common HTML Elements - Linking to Same Page

Although I tried it originally, it didn’t work. I was wondering if anyone knew of this being a valid secondary option and I was just executing improperly.

Thanks for the prompt reply!

I for the life of me cannot get past Introduction to HTML lesson 2 exercise 10/14. Attached below is the error it keeps giving me, and I am doing exactly what they want. I have typed and retyped and I have no idea at all what the problem is, please help!Help

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You capitalize the link to the ID “introduction”, you may want to change that to lowercase.

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Hi, I’m a little bit lost between these two “id” type of codes (with and without link), as I have no clue where and in which order they should be written within a code when needed.

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This is the top of the page!

This is the bottom!

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i did the same thing butt still getting errors…

I keep looking at it and thinking “what’s wrong” so I took a pic then hit solution - the ONLY thing changed was the Cap of the href - you’d think they give that as a hint, rather than asking if you did what you already did.

if i was reading the result correctly you have to match the introduction, habitat, media case by case , what i mean by this is what ever is on your page then for example Introduction or INTRODUCTION the page will not search when you click on the link as you have to have the id case sensitive to what is already on the page thanks

Case senitive

Very helpful! Thank you!

That’s exactly it. I was about to pull my hair out (not really). I went back and changed the id’s to lower case and passed. Thanks a million!

after adding an ul my i cant understand the next checkpoint even i have added the link to those unordered list

For some reason my code isn’t being accepted. When I click the links on the test page on the right side it does function though. I don’t know what I’m missing. https://gist.github.com/e0dd87559d913d7e3662c7c05b25c3b0

I am supposed to build a link that goes to Introduction on the page, but I don’t have an introduction on my page yet. Have I missed something? Or do I just build that in later?

You do have an introduction on line 17. id is a global attribute that represents a referable page fragment.

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In CSS it is because of the above that ID gets it own specificity rank. It follows that anything within that fragment is a child, hence we can deliver style properties under that banner. #wrapper blockquote says that any blockquote element in the wrapper will be selected. That’s pretty powerful stuff if we use it wisely and traverse, rather than specifically identify. TRAVERSE the document, rather than litter the source with a bunch of classes and ids.

Thank you! It was a capitalization problem.

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Can someone explain to me about the purpose of closing tag /li, in the lesson example? Because I didnt use the closing /li in previous ul & ol lesson. And in this linking lesson, the link works fine without /li.

In HTML5 the working group were doing everything they could to make HTML 4.01 compatible. That older spec allowed for a lot of relaxed syntax such as case insensitivity, unquoted attributes, omitted endtags on Ps and LIs, and so on. The older spec allows pretty much anything. HTML5 is not that much different when served as text/html. A little tougher, but not a tremendous lot.

Lazy paragraphs and lazy list items are allowed in HTML5 so long as it is not served as XML. We can get away with it because modern browsers are equipped to deal with it. But bring in XML and the rules revert to XHTML 1, etc. We can, as it were, write code that conforms to the stricter ruleset and still be relaxed somewhat since we’re writing for the looser MIME type. Just don’t get used to being too relaxed or adapting to the tighter regime may be a hurdle later on in your career.

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Hi all

I’ve only just started with Codecademy and have repeatedly been receiving the error message “No response received from web browser”. An example is below. I think I have the coding right - can someone please let me know why I might be receiving this message.


THANK YOU!!! Your “Edit” comment just helped me tremendously! I was stumped!

I did the second step on this exercise correctly. It works on the site but still get the X for the task. What am I missing?