FAQ: Learn HTML - Common HTML Elements - Linking to Relative Page

what is difference between relative path and absolute path? pls explain

relative path is a path from the current working directory to another directory/file.

an absolute path starts at c:/ or d:/ (windows) or the root directory (/) on unix based and derived systems.


thank you so much for beautiful explanation :smiley:

I had to reload the page and try again before it registered as correct.

Why didn’t we use the <nav> element in the index.html file but used it on the aboutme.html file?

I have added the anchors as per the exercise. In the Preview on CodeAcademy navigating back and forth using the hyperlinks I can switch between index and about me seamlessly, yet when I open the index file in Chrome I can only navigate to About Me, when I click on the index link to go back to the main page I no longer have the hyperlinks on the top. Even when I refresh the page the links refuse to appear again. Why exactly is this happening?

Update: totally bizarre it didnt work 5 mins ago, now it suddenly works as expected. :man_facepalming:

How did the browser know to place the “Brown Bear” and the “About Me” links side by side rather than one line after the next? Would I need to use
specifically to make it go to the next line for anchors listed next to each other?

anchor elements seem to be inline default. so they are displayed, well, inline.

break is a quick hack, there are much betters ways to go about it. We could use lists, or divs, or change the display behavior

Did you fix the problem? I’m having the same issue. Is it a bug or not??

While writing the HTML code, you can either use <br> or </br>. However, be consistent as to what you are using.

there is no break closing element (</br>), breaks are self closing. You can use the xml version of the syntax:

<br />

Well, there is and you can use it. try and see. It will work the same way,

just because other developer(s) made error resistance code doesn’t mean we want to use the wrong syntax

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in HTML…LESSON 2…page 8…i,m not understanding why we should use this punctuation ’ instead of this punctuation " … and the brief of my ask is what ’ different from " in coding .

Given this is a html FAQ, I think this answer does a good answer of explaining:

html - Single vs Double quotes (' vs ") - Stack Overflow

actually, this link really helped but from what I understand, if we used single or double quotes, it won’t make a big difference in coding html…is that right ??

Well, consistency is important. Especially when working with multiple developers on a single project

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The Editor does not actually perform a check on the contents of the second anchor tag in section 8/14 part b.

how can I insert a space between the links, when running the code they appear together without any space between them?

Hey, @alex_mayo welcome to the forums.

Can you please share your code?