FAQ: Learn HTML - Common HTML Elements - Linking to Other Web Pages

This community-built FAQ covers the “Linking to Other Web Pages” exercise in Codecademy’s lessons on HTML.

The most popular questions on the exercise Linking to Other Web Pages:

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how does adding learn more to an anchor element make the whole thing a hyperlink. i thought it was supposed to be just the anchor element and the href attribute

the text between the anchor opening tag and anchor closing tag is the text a user on your website can click on, the moment a user does this, they will be redirected to the route specified at href.

Is it possible to create a link and not make it look blue?? It looks bad sometimes.

yea, we can use css to style anchor elements. That is perfectly possible

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What’s the difference between “src” and “href”?


Great guide for mine. Very useful for SEO.

Hey, I’m starting coding now and I am currently on the linking exercise. Codecademy makes it seem like we can only link articles with HTML code, Is this true or false?


Welcome to the forums and Good Luck on your learning journey :green_heart:

No you can link anything; from a page in the same directory (folder), to other websites, anything that has a link. As you go along you will learn and use more practical examples.

Two questions
firstly can we use src attribute in place of href(i know we can’t, but i’m curious as to the details seeing as they are not too different).
secondly when they were describing href they said “the paths are often URLs”, what else can be anchored with href apart from URLs.

html has a lot of underlying code, so its not as simple as it seems on the surface

we can use ids like so:

<a href="#first">jump</a>

to jump to a element with id first on the same page


I have a question. Can we use the href attribute for images that would lead to sites. And if yes, can you please show me an example of how it would look like?

then you would have to wrap the image in anchor tags (<a>)

It refused to accept my input of Learn More. and when I finally gave up (after reading forum and looking at hints) the solution had the url in it – step one specifically says “don’t enter url ”…

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im stuck in here, can some one help ? thanks

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I dont know if people still have that problem but you put “Learn More.” inside the anchor tags, instead of “Learn More”.
The period “.” is faulty. Try just copying the text out of the grey boxes into the code and you should be fine :slight_smile:


What is the difference between the href and src attributes?

  • img src
  • link href
  • a href
  • etc.

href is a hyperlink reference. where as src is source

HTML is a markup language, so under the hood, a lot is happening. I wouldn’t worry too much about why different elements have different attributes.