FAQ: Learn HTML - Common HTML Elements - HTML Tags

This community-built FAQ covers the “HTML Tags” exercise in Codecademy’s lessons on HTML.

Here are the most popular community questions on the exercise HTML Tags:

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Hi everyone im new on this field , and have finished the first step but the question is how can i start my own project in order to practice more .

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I am using Codeacademy to learn HTML. When in the module my font for my Codeacademy was reduced to the point that I cannot see the HTML. How can I increase the font in Codeacademy screens so I can read the code?

As far as I know, the LE is scalable so you can zoom the text size. If you find all the lessons to be similar, then in your browser you can set a default font size that is larger, to suit.

I am a beginer to this course and have few doubts
1.even if we are not using the element

text is being printed so why should we use this element
2.Also while using attributes like itemprop,itemscope etc i dont find any visible difference so what are the applications of such attributes
Thank you