FAQ: Learn Express Routes - Wrap Up

This community-built FAQ covers the “Wrap Up” exercise from the lesson “Learn Express Routes”.

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Web Development

Learn Express

FAQs on the exercise Wrap Up

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I strongly feel this lesson needs a look at, its very confusing for the inexperienced and I had to resort to help for a majority of the steps. Especially the instructions and hints, they didn’t seem to guide me at all. Curious how other people felt.


I felt the same way about the exercises in the lesson. They were not very descriptive of what they wanted us to do. I also had to look for help for the majority of the exercises.

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@hallinskioi @fwthomas74 I agree. I already commented on this in a previous topic. I think the express.utils methods were the main source of my frustration. They were just thrown in out of the blue with no explanation. An unnecessary curveball in the curriculum.

I fully agree that this lesson needs to be revisited. It is very confusing for beginners.

This is NOT the way to teach Back-End.
I have no idea why Codecademy has used this faulty approach.
In this whole lesson, some weird helper functions were thrown at us that the functionality of them was never explained. The hints even didn’t provide any hint!
People pay for this course to learn stuff, not to copy/paste!
This whole Back-End sections seems full of faulty and insufficient lessons. (More than %75 of the materials are just articles and resources and even in lessons like this one, nothing useful can be learned!)
I myself didn’t even learn much from the Node.js lesson.
I recommend using the Back-End course of Codecademy in parallel with other resources like YouTube and etc.
TraversyMedia on YouTube explains Node and Express much much better than this fiasco on Codecademy.

Overall, very disappointed at the lack of time and effort that has been put into the Back-End part of the Full-Stack Path.