FAQ: Learn Express Routes - Using Queries

Plus the connection to the codecademy servers is sooo slow today (well at least for me), pretty frustrating morning tbh

So nothing has changed since 2018. Nice.
The deeper I go trough the learning path, the more I appreciate official documentation and external resources, rather than CodeCademy lessons.

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This challenge is too complicated to introduce new concepts.


Yes, this one went off into the distance for me very quickly! There’s an upcoming guided Code Challenge, then a Quote Challenge (“building a small Express.js web API to store and serve different quotes about computers, coding, and technology”) then an off-platform project: Boss Machine (“In this project, you will create an entire API to serve information to a Boss Machine, a unique management application for today’s most accomplished (evil) entrepreneurs.”)

So don’t panic, it’s still early!

Here’s some resources I found for that ‘learning the same thing from another point of view’ thing: -

  1. Query Parameters in Express
  2. How To Retrieve URL and POST Parameters with Express
  3. Fetching Query and Route Parameters in Express.js
  4. Get Query Strings and Parameters in Express.js
  5. YouTube - Node JS Tutorial for Beginners #29 - Query Strings

I have to bump this thread to reiterate that it’s apparently been 6 years and this still makes no sense. I was following everything relatively well up until this point, but now this jumped WAY ahead with no explanation. Do they ever update lessons?? I’ve graduated from the Front-End Engineering course and moved on to this Course, so I’m not neccessarily a novice at Codecademy or coding in general - but this is ridiculous. This is also not the first time I’ve had this happen in units and lessons.

I’d suggest everyone NOT give Codecademy anything more than a 3.5/5 on ANY reviews or surveys. I may even take to google other sites to review their site and courses this low.