FAQ: Learn Express Routes - Using Queries


This community-built FAQ covers the “Using Queries” exercise from the lesson “Learn Express Routes”.

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This exercise can be found in the following Codecademy content:

Web Development

Learn Express

FAQs on the exercise Using Queries

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Using Queries is a fraking wall. Before this part everything was relatively clear. But this. I just do not understand what is happening and even after hitting button “solution” I can’t deconstruc and understand how to get this result and what does it do at all. Very “interesting” way to teach people stuff.


I agree. I was lost here too.

I feel like the tutorial jumped (as in skipped some steps) and assumed we already knew how express worked.

I think if someone from codecademy performed a simple audit of this tutorial, they would agree… or not. I could just be dumb when it comes to Express.


I have to agree. The introduction of the new methods required (that become apparent when the solution is loaded) is missing in the lesson. The hints are not a lot of help and could perhaps be linked to an external resource.