FAQ: Learn Express Routes - Starting A Server

This community-built FAQ covers the “Starting A Server” exercise from the lesson “Learn Express Routes”.

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Learn Express

FAQs on the exercise Starting A Server

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Hi, I’m trying to do this exercise with vs code but when I do ‘node app.js’ in terminal, it returns

Error: Cannot find module ‘express’.

In which file can I find the module ‘express’ to avoid this ?

Thank you!

This post may be of use: How can I practice setting up express locally?

Why is the fat arrow suggested?

I think it is poor practices to use fat arrows except for “data set manipulation”. Or for very specific reason for using external scope. fat arrows relate to functional programming.

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I’ve been wondering, is it possible to pass an actual function into the listen method? I’m thinking something like this:

app.listen(3000, myMethod);

var myMethod = function(){
//Do something

Why would that be wrong?

how is app.listen( ) used with app.get( )?