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This community-built FAQ covers the “Matching In Nested Routers” exercise from the lesson “Learn Express Routers”.

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FAQs on the exercise Matching In Nested Routers

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Instructions say to:

To begin, let’s hook the router up to the main application. At the end of app.js , use the spicesRouter for all /spice-racks/:spiceRackId/spices routes.

Here’s my code:

app.use('/spice-racks/:spickeRackId/spices', spicesRouter);

When i click “Check work” it asks me if I connect “spiceRouter” with app.use(). Um, first of all there is no spiceRouter, what the heck am I missing here?

There are a lot of times when the coder implementing the tests misspelled something and it will throw an error. I know my code is correct and i end up clicking on solution only to see my code exactly the same as before. This is frustrating.

So what am I doing wrong here?


never mind! I found my own typo ‘:spickeRackId’ should be ‘:spiceRackId’ lol yikes. i went on a rant for nothing… ok not nothing, but sometimes the tests don’t work.