FAQ: Learn CSS Selectors Visual Rules - CSS Setup Selectors - The CSS File

so what is the final text supposed to look like? im getting an error message.

In my case, I need to insert a semicolon after “Arial” for it to work (i.e., p{font-family: Arial;}.

Why do we need a semicolon at the end though if we don’t have other attributes to add?

I got stopped there as well but I just got past it.
Next to the RUN button, there is a circle-y arrow button-click that to restart
-try it again.
Highlight and ctrl-x the text
past it into the CSS window
clear out those tags and you should be good.

TLDR-try refreshing the exersise

Yes, Dear.
Resetting the exercise helped me as well. Just “reset exercise” and “ctrl”+x and paste in style.css.