FAQ: Learn Bash Scripting - Introduction to Bash Scripting

Hi @dev3464546822, thanks again for bringing this up! Our engineers are looking into the issue and I’ll post again once the fix is up and live.

The tl;dr of what was happen is related to how our text editor was reading the script.

At the moment - we have rolled back the feature that is causing the issue. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Hey there! Is there an update on this one? I can’t get past step one, even with the “set ff=unix” fix. Can there be more info posted on this one? The whole Learn the Command Line series feels very clumsy with how it’s put together.

Update: made it through step 2, but can’t get step 3 without getting the answer provided for me.

In the terminal, I have:
echo “Hello Codecademy!”

The hint instructs to use /.script.sh to run the script in the terminal but I’m getting the bad interpreter message.

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Hi @ezebrowski,

Currently, no major updates, though the issue should have gone away. Sorry to hear you’re having issues with the course. Maybe we can try to debug what’s going on!

Can you share your code? You can use the following format:
` ` `
Add code here
` ` `

To share your script and any screenshot that displays the error would also be helpful.


Edit: I just saw you made some progress! :smiley: Keep at it! and feel free to post as needed - the entirety of your code would help others as they help debug :slight_smile:


Hi there,
the issue brought up by other users here seems to be persistent. Am I doing this wrong or does the course still buggy? I’ve uploaded a screenshot, which I hope you can see. Thanks for working on this.

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Hi @dashlord,

Sorry for the late response!

The issue here is that test is being really strict with the actual string that we’re asking you to provide. Since it’s looking for “Hello Codecademy” not “Hello Code(a)cademy”, we omit the “a”.

If you try it with the extra “a”, it should pass. You’ve probably moved on, but we do have a few other places that ask you to include the exact string, so it is something to be careful with.

I’ve added some additional messaging in the hint and also that error message.

Thanks for bringing this up :smiley:

I thought so too, but I didn’t get the message when I ran the script.sh either.

My script was exactly the same.

I had the same problem. For some weird reason pressing enter on the terminal ticked the boxes when my entry onto the scripting window was correct.

Although I got past this would be good to know what was that all about :grin: