FAQ: Languages for Web Development - What is JavaScript?

This community-built FAQ covers the “What is JavaScript?” exercise from the lesson “Languages for Web Development”.

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Why doesn’t the drawtext command allow you to input other languages? If you wanted to do that, how would you? I input some Korean text and the output was some English letters and Arabic numerals, none of which even corresponded with the English keys I pressed to type the Korean words.

Did you ever get a response for this?

I have questions about where the information is pulled from in the first place?

I believe its from the alphabet.js library. It seems to me that its using ASCII ( American Standard Code for Information Interchange) to encode characters instead of UTF-8.

Refer to these posts to learn more.


What is the alphabet.js library in this? im just curious as to what its doing

if i want to change the color of a text every time that the cursor cross it. It is a css thing or a Javascript thing?

To a random color, you would use js. But if it’s a set color you could use either.


Maybe my question is kinda naïf but if Javascript is a library .js is just the call to it and you must put an attribute before. But drawtext has already font and colour.

Can the first letter of each word in these be capped, or must they be as they are shown in each lesson?

  1. When a user puts the mouse near an HTML element, the onmouseover event is fired.

  2. **drawText** is a function that is being run on line 2. Change the text that says 'hello world' to '**JavaScript**' to pass a different value into this function.