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This community-built FAQ covers the “Hypertext and the World Wide Web” exercise from the lesson “Languages for Web Development”.

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In the excerpt for Hypertext and the World Wide Web it states:

But despite all of the advances that have taken place with the growth of the web, at its core the web is still just a collection of hyperlinked documents.

Is that really the case though? The hardware of a server for example is the web. Server software is an aspect too is it not? And more so what about a video file stored on a server waiting to be served? This statement suggests that even a video file at it’s core is a document. I guess I can understand it being sent through the network a nothing more than data 0s and 1s. None the less without physical hardware the web does not exist. Thoughts?

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The hardware is what makes up the nodes of the network. Hypertext Transfer is what makes up the moving parts of the web. Everything on the network is a document, per se.