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This community-built FAQ covers the “HTML Markup” exercise from the lesson “Languages for Web Development”.

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Compare the markup for the essay to the markup in the HTML diagram. How do they compare?

I don’t see how they compare in anyway. Can someone shed some light on how they compare because I just don’t see it?


I believe the comparison has to do with the fact that both of them have a structure/skeleton to work with. At least that’s where I see the similarities.
I hope that helps.



What I can see is that they both have at the top a section that tells what the essay and the webpage is about in the webpage is the Title that is between the
The essay has HEADINGS to let us know the relevant things about its content and the same thing happens in the HTML.
What it is inside the HTML body is the information that the HTML provides and the same thing in the essay.

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So what does hypertext mean?

I am quite new to this platform. I don’t know where to start to write a HTML document. I joined the platform yesterday.

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well i believe it means the ability to link pages or simply contents so that we can nevigate through different websites.

Sorry that I am late to the conversation and am certain you have probably already answered it by now. Hyptertext is yes the abilty to link to other things. Be it images, documents, a hyperlink to another part of the same page, or as mentioned by @prabin.karki , different websites. Hope this helps.

For those who wondering what to put content into their projects, you can use a generator of text (Lorem ipsum blablaba) : https://loremipsum.io/generator/ :+1:

This can be very usefull when you don’t know yet what to write on your page or when you are working on a presentation for example. :slightly_smiling_face:


Tu peut toujour commencer par apprendre c’est quoi le web, puis vient le html et le css

They didn’t match the HTML code to the example. I think that was a mistake on their part.

I think is about semantic, in the essay each section or paragraph has function, (title, intro, conclusion …)
In the same way we have the tags in the HTML page, each tag lets know what each section is about. (title, body, paragraph, heading …)

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HTML markup versus an annotated essay is the perfect example to demonstrate ML functionality. The comparison comes in at the fact that the language must be backed by what identifies it to implement it correctly. Think of an essay that is not annotated. Without the annotations, an essay is simply groups of words. The annotations identify what each group is, relating to how markup language is the precursor to content type.