FAQ: Languages for Web Development - Applying CSS

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Thanks very much for taking the time to reply…very useful information. Mike Logan

I had this same issue! I thought I was totally misunderstanding this but glad to hear someone else had this same issue. Thanks for posting

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Thank god! I was having the same issue.

I have this same issue. I thought it was just me not getting it!

Does anyone else have had the issue that background images weren’t loaded?
I’m trying to see if it is something in my browser settings or something in the stylesheet or html code, but I wasn’t able to find anything yet.

Line 8 and line 94 are missing the semicolon to close the background declaration. Confused me at first and am wondering how they can miss a simple thing like this in the syntax but be teaching at the same time.

paste this and run
line 8 background-image: url(https://content.codecademy.com/programs/code-foundations-path/airplane.jpeg);
line 94 background: url(https://content.codecademy.com/programs/code-foundations-path/shards.png);

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“Just for practice, change the color property from **white** to **black** and press Run to see what changes!”

Hi all, just a quick question. On instruction 2, when changing the color properties, **black** doesn’t seem to work, while trying out **red** or **blue** , both do take place and the word appears with the designated property. Any reason why this is happening?

Wow Man! Thanks a lot! I was stuck here for an hour and you came as a life-saver :slight_smile:

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even after i switch the tab it is still not letting me paste the link when i right click my mouse the option to paste is not even showing up its not my computer because i can paste the link in another doc. on word

In the head of the HTML, add a blank line after the TITLE then position the cursor there. Cmd/Ctrl + v should paste the code.

Hello, I see that we put the HTML link tag to the CSS file on line 6. Could it have been on any line in the HTML file, or was there a specific reason we put it after the title?

Hey @imadahmad97 welckme to the forums.

The link tag can be on any line within the head element.

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Thank you for your quick response! When I add it above the element, at the top (above the tag), it still stylizes the page. Is this just on CodeAcademy or would this happen in regular HTML programming as well?

Just to clarify above the head element.

wow thank you very much!!!


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This is a possible solution to many of the complaints above. When someone says in a paragraph the word below I think of immediately after this paragraph.

My problem and others seem to be with the wording of paragraph 1. Below line 6 on the HTML, below were?

Most of us expect to see what the comment in paragraph 1 is talking about. We do not see “the code bellow” and start searching in the HTML code for the answer. Line 5 mentions HTML is that what you mean? Or is it something below line 6 in the HTML code. My clue was this

and then I finely connected the next snip with the answer.

By moving this up you my help.
I am not a professional writer and could easily be wrong on my review.
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Why is it “style.css” and not “/style.css” as shown in the previous lessons with hyperlinks?

yeah skipping… Thanks for posting

I’m having the same problem. The hint gives and assumption that I “probably” know what I’m doing… but I’m a beginner here and have no clue what they are talking about; so, its not helpful at all. Kinda discouraging since I’m only on the second lesson.