FAQ: Languages for Web Development - Adding Hyperlinks

that was not my suggestion, you had:

<a> 25

my suggestion:


not sure why you would tamper with the < and > of the opening tag/element.

Ah I see, my bad, thanks for being so patient with me, your suggestion was correct !

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closing tags seems to be an issue/struggle, the anchor element and paragraph both seem incorrectly closed

The closing anchor tag is supposed to be </a>
In your screenshot, you have <a/> instead.

your right let me correct the error.

this worked for me

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Hi, I followed your solution, however, it doesn’t work for me.

I’ve read the hints and I can’t seem to solve the issue.
Your assistance is much appreciated!

you misspelled html in your url


OMG :flushed: THANK YOU I’m so ■■■■ blind!!

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Admins or others that are answering these question, we are always being asked for screen shoot. I need you to supply your answer with a screen shoot. A picture is worth a thousand words. Some times I am unable to follow your words. Thank you for your help and most are very good explanations. Thank you

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I try to play around the generally provided information and not just the given task. I just tried to do so now and realised that I couldn’t find the implication of 1-13 on the result after running it. Please, can anyone explain the importance of 1-13 after running it?

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Here’s the soulution



I think you need to complete the course first then you may able to understand or just ask the support or admin.

Thank you for providing the solution

I think I have completed the task

I am just confused to why the solution codecademy provided has nothing to do with the task when you click on solution aspect. Is that an error from codecademy?

In the window that pops up after clicking “View Solution” or “Get code Solution”, you can scroll down to view all of the index.html file and see if any differences show up. In your screenshot, you are only showing the beginning of the index.html file and it seems you haven’t scrolled down to view all of the file.

Also, at the bottom of the exercise, there should be a “Copy to Clipboard” button. You can click on that button to copy your code and then you can paste it in the forums. However, you can’t paste it directly into the forums and can instead use the </> button in the post editor. To preserve code formatting in forum posts, see: [How to] Format code in posts

Sharing your code may offer some clues as to why your solution isn’t being accepted.

Thank you That makes perfect sense.

Codecademy’s log on 4/3/24, I learned how to add the anchor tag in a HTML web page. I also learned to add the href attribute to the anchor tag so that I could link Alejandra’s resume. It worked satisfactorily. I guess web development from my perspective could be used for self promotion.