FAQ: Languages for Web Development - Adding Hyperlinks

This community-built FAQ covers the “Adding Hyperlinks” exercise from the lesson “Languages for Web Development”.

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I need help with a certain lesson and I used to be able to find it in forums but now all the help is gone for exactly what you are looking for.

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im stuck in intruction #2 im not sure what to do, can anyone help?

Welcome to the forums!

Take a look at the hint and see if that helps. The instructions ask you to add an href attribute and assign this attribute the value of /resume.html.

/resume.html is a relative path, meaning it links to another page on the same website. For example, let’s say you had a website with the domain mywebsite.com and there were two pages on the website: index.html and blog.html. Let’s say you also wanted to add a link to the blog.html page from the index.html page. Rather than type out the absolute URL (mywebsite.com/blog.html), you could use /blog.html and it would accomplish the same thing.


Hi I’m new to code academy, and have the same issue with this exercise. I’ve included an image below of the instructions and my input circled in yellow. Please let me know where I’ve went wrong so I can document my mistakes, study, and move on to the next section.

Thank you!


Welcome to the forums!

The correct format for attributes is as follows, where attribute-name is the name of the attribute (e.g. href) and attribute-value is the value you want to pass to that attribute (e.g. /resume.html).

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Not sure what im doing wrong, looks right to me, can anyone help?

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Welcome to the forums! Double-check your href value; it looks like you’ve added an extra period at the end.

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I`ve been tryng diferent methods but still not get it right

Welcome to the forums! Can you post your code and format it using the </> button? Then we’ll be able to identify the problem.

Can you please help me here I’ve here for about 2 hours and I cant solve this lol

html elements usually consist of an opening and closing tag:


then opening tags can have attributes:

<element attr='some value'>content</element>

in your case, the > that closes your opening tag has gone missing

I use some non-existing html element in my explanation, just to make it more generic

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I’ve been stuck on this for a while, and haven’t the slightest clue what’s wrong. I’m sure it’s an easy mistake, but I would love some guidance on what I did wrong! I’ve read all the other posts in this forum and haven’t been able to fix it, so I appreciate the help!

there is no text for the user to click on to go to the resume page?

You are referring to the exercise.

In step 1, you are supposed to put an anchor tag i.e. <a> </a> around the text 25 years of experience. What you seem to have done is replaced the <p> tags around the text <p>With over 25 years ... to your tastes.</p> and changed it to <a> tags around the text <a>With over 25 years ... to your tastes.</a>. This isn’t quite correct. We want to leave the text as a paragraph. We just want to enclose the text 25 years of experience with the anchor tags.
In step 2, you add the href attribute and value to the opening anchor tag that you wrote in step 1.

If you are still stuck, you can click “Get Unstuck” and from the dropdown select “Get Code Solution”. You can then look at the solution. You don’t have to replace your code with the solution. Just have a look at it and once you understand it, you can try to complete the steps yourself.


Is the href attribute only used in the anchor tag? Can I use the href attribute in another tags? Yes? No? Why?


The element defines what attributes can be used. the href is also defined for <link> element for example, to link an external stylesheet


Hey everyone, I am stuck on Q1… I currently have it as <a> 25 years of experience</a> … It is not highlighting and allowing me to move onto the next which suggests I’ve missed the catch…

Anyone open to clarifying this for me ?
Thanks !

If the validation of the exercise uses regex, it might have a problem with the space between <a> and 25

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Hey, thanks for advice, I tried and for some reason it didn’t work… this is what it’s currently showing !