FAQ: jQuery Setup - Why jQuery?

This community-built FAQ covers the “Why jQuery?” exercise from the lesson “jQuery Setup”.

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Introduction to jQuery

FAQs on the exercise Why jQuery?

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why do I need four div and class at the beginning ? what would be the problem if we start with one?

<div class='container'>
    <div class='product-card'>
      <div class='product-photo sole-air-ii'></div>
      <div class='product-details'>```
 <div class='product-photo sole-air-ii'></div>

how does this one works ? there is nothing inside the div?
these are so confusing :disappointed:

I don’t think they were meant to do anything or maybe they are reserved for future use

This is an identified element that the script can hook on to so it can insert new content into the DOM (that will display in the page). In static pages we would not expect to see empty elements, but a dynamic page might have several. They all have a purpose in the session.

You could accept the following answer also

$('.login-button').click(() => {