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This community-built FAQ covers the “jQuery Library” exercise from the lesson “jQuery Setup”.

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The diagram in this exercise places the <script> tag below the closing </body> tag. This is in contrast to the review page at the end of “The Script Element” lesson (from JavaScript Interactive Websites course) which says:

The old convention was to put scripts right before the </body> tag to prevent the script from >blocking the rest of the HTML content. Now, however, the convention is to put the script tag in the <head> element and to use the defer and async attributes.

Despite the above statements, multiple exercises from that course have the scripts tagged below the body. If you google search “script tag outside body” a lot of forum discussions pop up and the general consensus is that this is bad practice (although the reasons are not consistent). Some say that the code will not validate (I’m not sure what that means). Others say that the only reason documents written this way work is because browsers “tolerate” “broken html” and are able to correct mistakes like this.

For a while I have assumed Codeacademy exercises written this way were done so unintentionally. However, this diagram unambiguously shows the script below the body. What is the verdict?


yes I have the same question. Which of the three options is best to use, and why?

Same question for me, what is the best way to go nowadays?

I completely agree.

What can we do for someone (like an administrator) to clarify this?

Check out this post: When should I use the defer attribute on a <script> element in the <head> vs. using a <script> element at the end of the <body>?
It may help shed some light on the subject.

As far as placing the<script></script> tag below the </body> tag in the diagram referenced by the OP, that appears to be a mistake on the diagram. I submitted a bug report, and encourage others to do the same.